Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

Court sent Kovalenko in mental house


The Board of Vitebsk regional court on April 10 issued a ruling on the appointment to Sergei Kovalenko the comprehensive psychiatric examination in Novinki mental hospital.

Consideration of an appeal against the verdict of Vitebsk Pervomaisky Court is suspended until the conclusion of psychiatrists, according to Human Rights Center "Viasna". In the court the preliminary opinion of psychiatrists was presented, that Kovalenko has a mental disorder, which is expressed by the rejection of food.

The examination must answer the following questions:

- Whether Kovalenko suffered a mental illness at the time of the criminal offense committed onJanuary 7, 2010, could he be conscious of his actions at that time;

- Whether he suffers from a mental illness now;

- Whether to apply to him the measures of compulsory treatment;

- Whether he has the individual characteristics of the mental state.

We remind, today Vitebsk regional court heard the appeal of the Activist of Conservative Christian Party - BPF Sergei Kovalenko. He appealed the verdict of Vitebsk Pervomaisky district Court, passed on February 24, 2012. The court found Kovalenko guilty of evading the penalty of restriction of freedom for the hanging of a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree and sentenced him to two years and one month of the colony.

In protest, Kovalenko on December 19, 2011 announced a hunger strike, which with an interval of 20 days he continues to this day. During the hunger strike activist, has lost about half the weight, he began to experience serious problems with the kidneys, heart, liver, stomach, significantly decreased body temperature.

Kovalenko is in the psychiatric ward of the colony "Vitsba-3 '. By the decision of the court the introduction of nutrient solutions through a vein, and infants milk mixture through a tube. At the court hearing of the appeal Kovalenko was not delivered. Lawyer was not allowed to meet him.