Updated at 13:33,29-11-2021

Court upheld Kalyakin's guilty verdict


Board of Vitebsk regional court upheld the decision of the Court of Orsha, which on March 29 fined the chairman of "A Just World" party Sergei Kalyakin by Br350 thousand (10 basic units).

Consideration of the politician's appeal was held on April 18 in Vitebsk.

In the courtroom they did not let party members, social activists and human rights activists, citing the lack of seats.

Sergei Kalyakin intends to file a complaint against this decision to the chairman of the Vitebsk regional court.

"I am increasingly convinced that the court system of Belarus has ceased to be a tool where you can find out the truth, where citizens can assert their rights, to argue with the state, proving one's innocence. Unfortunately, they became ordered, in essence, guided not by the law, not by professional expertise and objective testimony, but perform an order from above. Today I do not believe in court at all, including criminal cases. When they upheld serious judgments about the long periods of detention, the death penalty. I have serious doubts, the judges take objective decisions. The judicial system of Belarus is in need of radical transformation", the politician said, commenting on the decision of the court.