Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Andrei Sannikov: I am trying to tell what is going on


The political prisoner sent a short letter from Vitsba-3 penal colony.

As the wife of the presidential candidate, Iryna Khalip, told charter97.org website, Andrei Sannikov writes he received a parcel and notes: "I am trying to tell you and other people what is going on, but you don’t receive my letters. Mail seems to have stopped working in your direction".

Maryna Kavaleuskaya, a lawyer of the political prisoner who has been trying to visit her client for the second month, received an answer from the Mahilou region prosecutor’s office to her complaint. The answer says the lawyer did not have access to Andrei Sannikov in the Mahilou prison, where he was kept in transit, not because he was a prisoner in transit, but because he did not apply for a meeting. These words cannot be true, because it was an arrangement with Sannikov before his transfer from Navapolatsk that he would apply for a meeting with a lawyer in every new prison in case of another transfer.

"Something is obviously happening to my husband. I suppose it’s something Zmitser Bandarenka said about. It may be tortures, hunger strike, a serious disease. The authorities try to hide it by all means. This letter was permitted to show they did not pass the parcel", Iryna Khalip thinks.