Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Andrei Sannikov not allowed to meet his lawyer


The lawyer was not allowed to visit Andrei Sannikov, a presidential candidate and political prisoner, in Mahilyou prison.

Andrei Sannikov’s wife, a journalist Iryna Khalip, has been informed about that in the Corrections Department, Radio Liberty informs.

One of the chiefs of the department Pratsenka has explained denying the political prisoner his right to defence by internal regulations.

The fact that Sannikov had been visited by the lawyer in the same prison in Mahilyou during the previous transfer, has been explained by Pratsenka by violations on the part of the prison governor.

Iryna Khalip has not been informed for how long Andrei Sannikov would be kept in the transit prison in Mahilyou, and later in the transit prison in Vitsebsk, into which Andrei Sannikov is to be transferred.