Updated at 14:13,24-01-2022

Iryna Khalip: They want to destroy my husband completely


Presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov is not in a penal colony in Babruisk. A lawyer, who was to meet with the political prisoner today, has learnt this from the administration of penal colony Nr 2 in Babruisk.

Location of the politician is unknown.

Iryna Khalip told "Belorusski Partizan" that the lawyer arrived at the Babruisk penal colony to visit Andrei Sannikov in the morning, but was told his client was not there.

"The lawyer was told in Babruisk that Andrei was not there. They do not say why, where and when he was transferred. Andrei Sannikov is not in the Babruisk colony. I am heading to the Corrections Department now, though they do not accept citizens today, with the only aim to figure out where my husband is and what the hell they are jeering my husband," Iryna Khalip said.

Iryna Khalip received the latest letter from him on Saturday, Andrei Sannikov did not write anything about a possible transfer.

"They would not have told him in any case! They maltreat him trying to demoralize and destroy him. Let’s recall his latest transfer: he was being sent to different prisons for two weeks, where KGB officer were pressing on him. He was not crushed. He is alive. But now he has faced another transfer," Khalip said.

Andrei Sannikov was transferred from the Navapolatsk penal colony to Babruisk on September 20. The travel took over a week. His family and lawyers were not informed about location of the political prisoner and reasons for the transfer.

We remind that on May 14, the Pershamaiski district court of Minsk sentenced Sannikov to five years in a medium security penal colony.