Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022
Belarusian MPs condemn desecration of war memorials in Europe
16 май 2022, 13:49 | English / Featured Stories

The International Affairs Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus has passed a statement on the unacceptability of the desecration of memory of the warriors, who freed Europe from fascism read more

Lukashenko: Great Victory has become integral part of Belarusian national idea
09 май 2022, 13:41 | Main story / Featured Stories

Great Victory has become an integral part of the national idea, Lukashenko said read more

Belarus speaks about sanctions, conflict in Ukraine, hunger threat at UN Security Council meeting
25 апрель 2022, 15:45 | English / Featured Stories

Belarus will continue to contribute to international food security and will do everything necessary for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine read more

Lukashenko: We need to preserve our land
25 апрель 2022, 13:43 | Main story / Featured Stories

Belarusians' happiness is in their country - we need to preserve our land, Lukashenko said read more

Lukashenko reveals details of criminal case against multiple Belarusian medics
19 апрель 2022, 13:41 | Main story / Featured Stories

Multiple Belarusian orthopedic surgeons have been charged with a number of crimes and have been arrested. read more

Lukashenko: If America does not sell medicines, we should buy them in India, Cuba
19 апрель 2022, 13:37 | English / Featured Stories

It is necessary to diversify suppliers of medicines in order to prevent shortages on the domestic market, Lukashenko said read more

Lukashenko urges to propagate the best things Belarus has
28 март 2022, 13:25 | Featured Stories / Politics

Lukashenko gave his take on propaganda activities of mass media at a meeting to discuss the state of things in mass media on 25 March read more

Lukashenko names the only way to drag Belarus into war
28 март 2022, 13:18 | English / Featured Stories

There is only one way to drag Belarus into the war and it is an aggression against the country, Lukashenko said read more

Lukashenko: Belarus has no plans to fight in Ukraine
28 март 2022, 13:13 | English / Featured Stories

Belarus is not going to fight in Ukraine. Lukashenko made the statement read more

Lukashenko: Belarusians do not want scandals, conflicts or war
07 март 2022, 14:38 | Main story / Featured Stories

Belarusians do not want scandals, conflicts or war, Lukashenko said read more

Final results of Belarus' referendum: 82.86% of voters supported new Constitution
07 март 2022, 14:16 | English / Featured Stories

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus has approved the results of the constitutional referendum read more

Peskov: Russia willing to send delegation to Minsk for negotiations with Ukraine
26 февраль 2022, 15:45 | English / Featured Stories

Russian President Vladimir Putin is willing to send a delegation of the Russian Federation to Minsk for negotiations with Ukraine, spokesman for the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov told read more

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