Updated at 13:28,27-05-2022

Fighter jets conduct low-altitude flight drills over M1 highway (video)


Drivers on the Brest – Minsk – Russian border highway report windows of their cars were nearly shattered.

Fighters performed low-altitude flight exercises above the highway Brest – Minsk – Russian border.

Traffic was not restricted and cars were moving at a speed standard for the first class road. A dashboard camera recorded the incident.

"Fighter jet drills over the M1 highway," user of onliner.by sem_1806 commented on the footage.

The video shows temporary signs installed along the road, road construction workers, a police patrol car and a military truck standing on the road.

Cars and trucks continued to move.

"It seems the jet flew about 15 metres over my head," an eyewitness says. "I had an impression that windows will shatter."