Updated at 20:24,22-11-2021

Rebellion in Ivatsevichy penal colony severely suppressed


The website charter97.org received this information from prisoners.

It was reported in late June that prisoners of penal colony "Volchy Nory" in Ivatsevichy cut their arms and stomachs and went on hunger strike to protest against the abuse of power by prison staff.

Inmates of the penalty unit complained at being held in a wet cell. Prison officers brutally beat them in response. The prisoners broke an electric bulb, cut themselves with glass shards and went on hunger strike. One of the prisoners was taken to hospital. Information about the revolt appears after inmates sent a letter to Narodnaya Volya newspaper.

There has been no information about the fate of the protesting inmates. Charter97.org received news from former prisoners of the Ivatsevichy penal colony, who were released recently:

"The man who cut his veins received additional 18 months in prison. Khamidulin, who really was taken to hospital, was transferred to a maximum security penal colony in Mahilou. The man who wrote and sent a letter describing the incident was transferred to a cell-type unit for 6 months. A prosecutor, who visited the colony in connection with the incident, talked to the prisoners in presence of correctional officer Hrachny, who had beaten inmates. He said he didn't want to know who beat whom and said the prisoners had refused to enter the cell. Before the incident, head of the instigative department Kryshtopchyk talked to the prisoners, who refused to enter the wet cell. It is probably him [Kryshtopchyk] who ordered to use special means. One of the prisoner was taken to the medical unit. No one received medical aid during a week. Khamidulin, who had cut his stomach and arms, had sutures. They began to rot, but he was kept in a punishment cell without medical aid. There were some prisoners who didn't refuse to enter the wet cell, but they were punished too."