Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

Sannikov and Dashkevich transferred to another penal colonies

The presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov has been transferred from Navapolatsk penal colony to Babrujsk penal colony #2.

Charter97.org website has been informed about that by the wife of the politician, Iryna Khalip. Today she has received an express telegram about Andrei Sannikov’s transfer to another colony.

According to the wife of the political prisoner, transfer to another colony is an attempt to bring pressure on Andrei Sannikov. In Navapolatsk colony he had authority with inmates, and the administration refused to bulldoze him.

"I assume that the administration of Navapolatsk colony refused to 'bulldoze' Andrei concerning the issue of petition for pardon. He had not even been addressed with such a proposal at all. It is possible that Babrujsk colony leadership turned out to be more pliable and cooperative," Iryna Khalip believes.

"It demonstrates that no one is going to release Andrei Sannikov, and all these promises are nothing but another attempt to delude the whole world. If they had plans to release the presidential candidate, he would not be transferred to another colony," the wife of the politician said to charter97.org.

"Lukashenka fears his opponents not only at large, but even in prison," Iryna concludes.

On September 19 a lawyer phoned Anastasia Polazhenko and said that Dmitry Dashkevich was going to be moved from Gorki to another penal colony, reports the press service of Malady Front (Young Front).

On Tuesday, there was an information that at that time Dashkevich was in Mogilev detention center and was being transferred to another penal colony.

In response to Dmitry's complaints about a torture by the governance of Gorki Penal Colony 9, the political prisoner will be transferred to a different place to serve his sentence, where, probably, a governance will be more adequate.

"Don't worry, this is a reaction to the numerous complaints of Dashkevich. When he is transferred to a better colony and the situation will improve - it is a victory", said the lawyer of Dmitry Dashkevich.

On September 20 it became known, the transfer of Dashkevich to an open type prison in connection with a completion of the one third of his sentence was denied. But to a closed type prison Dmitry Dashkevich won't be sent either.