Updated at 19:06,19-01-2022

Voluntary but compulsory


Teachers were made to work as construction workers at weekends in the Hlybokaye district.

Teachers of several schools in the Hlybokaye district were taken to the village of Luchaika, where they had to help to deconstruct brick buildings.

The work was officially called “general improvement of the village”. The incident happened on December 1 near Hlybokaye as part of the regional subbotnik (voluntary unpaid work at weekends). By the way, it was the third such event this autumn, Euroradio learnt from independent journalist from Hlybokaye Kastus Shytal.

He says teachers fear to speak loudly about the arbitrary behaviour of local officials, but express their discontent in private conversations. They had to perform so called voluntary work at their weekend, but didn't receive any pay.

The journalist reminds that besides official subbontiks teachers from Hlybokaye were also made to harvest flax at their weekends.