Updated at 13:19,16-08-2022

Minsk schools looking for 4 teachers each, regions have young garduates


School ad: primary school teacher needed, any conditions considered, pensioners welcome.

Lugovoslabodskaya school in the Minsk region is seeking three teachers: for arts and crafts, English and primary school. The vacancies aren't there, though, when Euroradio calls.

Euroradio: are those job ads still relevant?

School: Yes. And who are you?

Euroradio: Journalist.

School: basically, we have everyone. We don't have any problems.

In Minsk, school 49 still lacks teachers 2 weeks before the start of classes.

"We need a primary school teacher, PE instructor, English language teacher and a speech pathologist. We have a big school, a lot of children, you'll have more than a basic rate," said the administration of Minsk school 49 2 weeks before the start of the school year.

Salaries for teachers are often not indicated on job sites, or it is simply writen "up to 400 dollars".

School 179 in Minsk is seeking a primary school teacher on any terms:

"Primary school teacher needed, any conditions considered, pensioners welcome," school administration describes the ad. We are even willing to hire two teachers for small children.

"Across the country, there's a lack of elementary school teachers. Pedagogical colleges that previously provided us with students are now closed, very few young people are choosing this career path now, the profession's becoming less prestigious. Also, there are more children now," said the 179 Minsk school official.

Department of Education, Sports and Tourism of Minsk Piershamaiski part of city is seeking from 15 elementary school teachers, 5 teachers of English, and kindergartens require 68 teachers. But "the situation is not critical," said the officials.

"We are partially covered by young professionals. On Monday we'll renew them. Of course, there is a problem with kindergarten teachers, as teacher training colleges are closed," explained official in the education department for sports and tourism.

But the regions have almost no problems with teachers, as they have young graduates according to the distribution program.

"Fifty young professionals came to us, and the region is now fully taken care of. If this year we needed kindergarten teachers, we filled all the vacancies this year," said officials of the education Department of Sports and Tourism of the Magilyou region. Even six months ago, one of the Minsk schools was looking for 6 teachers. And the regions had a vacancy each.

By the way, according to the Minister of Education Syargei Maskevich, an there is no acute shortage of teachers in schools.