Updated at 14:03,08-08-2022

Lukashenka to doctors: Stop crying, start working!


Visiting the Republican Research and Practice Centre of Neurology and Neurosurgery the president promised a pay rise to health workers. At the same time, he stressed that both doctors and teachers would meet the severization of requirements to their work.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka gave a warning that much would be required from them. “Stop wailing about our doctors’ poverty. It is high time they had effect. All of them have the same aeducational opportunities and are under the same conditions, but Smeyanovichs [Arnold Smeyanovich is a famous Belarusian surgeon] are quite rare,” he stated.

Lukashenka is going to "stir up" the country's healthcare sector this spring. According to him, health workers' pay could be increased with the help of a rise in the export of health services.

The President also made a point of staff training. Every top sawyer should leave at least three followers possessing the same knowledge and background, he demanded.