Updated at 12:55,14-06-2021

Movement For Freedom recieve refusals to find space for convention

Congress of the Movement For Freedom scheduled for October 20, 2012 is under the threat of failure. The movement have not managed to find a room for 150 participants so far.

According to the movement's press office, leasing applications were filed to hotels of Minsk. They are Crown Plaza, Victoria and IBB-center. Hotels Crown Plaza and Victoria refused the movement in leasing because of an alleged occupancy of meeting halls. The IBB administration reported that owners including Minsk City Executive Committee had decided to provide space only for core activities.

The Movement For Freedom said that they would search for opportunities to conduct the convention on the day scheduled despite the refusals received.

The Movement for Freedom is the human rights and education non-governmental organization registered by the Ministry of Justice of Belarus in 2008. Alyaksandr Milinkevich, leader of the movement, ran for a president seat as a single candidate supported by the United Democratic Forces. A district election commission did not registered Mr. Milinkevich as a candidate for a seat in the House of Representatives of 2012. The district election commission invalidated a part of his ballot-access signatures.