Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Belarusians prefer stability to freedom - public opinion poll


In a nationwide survey of public opinion conducted in May of this year, the staff of the Sociological Center "MIRROR-INFO" asked the people of Belarus to answer the question, "Please, tell which of the following rules of society do you consider most important today for Belarus?"

Most respondents noted the economic prosperity (51%). Nearly half - 44% of the respondents the most important rule of life of the Belarusian society called stability. Women advocate for the stability more active (56%), as well as the people aged 40 and older (64%). Pensioners and civil servants, service and trade employees (43%).

More than a third - 37% of citizens answered the most important standard of living for themselves is the rule of law. Every second of them - aged 25-49 years (49%), about a quarter - a person with higher education (23%). The need for stronger rule of law indicate business owners, employees of creative professions, service and trade employees (total 32%).

A quarter of surveyed urban and rural people consider democracy as the most important norm of society in Belarus today. Every second of them is a man, a person aged 18-39 years. More than a quarter (28%) - those with higher education. The intensity of this opinion is shared by engineers and civil servants, employees of creative professions and students.

Every fifth respondent considers freedom as the most important norm for the Belarusian society (19%). According to socio-demographic parameters they are almost the same people as "voters" for democracy.

18% respondents point to the importance of such living standards as tolerance and justice. Women call to tolerance more active (59%), people aged 50 and older (54%), persons with basic education (17%), retired (34%). The need to improve the standards of justice are actively shared by women, but age groups are more intensely represented by people aged 18-39 years (49%).

The Republican sociological research was conducted from May 14 to May 28, 2012. The method of survey - interviewing, questioning the inhabitants of the Republic of Belarus 18 years or older. In proportional quota sample three thousand (2998) of the respondents were interviewed. Controllable parameters of the sample: the place of residence, type of locality, gender, age, and education. Sampling error does not exceed 0.6%.