Updated at 13:17,17-05-2021

Lukashenka's popularity rating collapses to 30%

The Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies (IISEPS) registered in Lithuania published the results of the public-opinion poll conducted in June this year

When asked "If tomorrow the presidential elections in Belarus were held again, who would you vote for?" 29.7% of respondents indicated the name of Alexander Lukashenko

"Thus, the growth in rating of 'the sole Belarusian politician', which was associated with the stabilization of economic situation in the country, has stopped, and the reverse process is going on," the IISEPS experts commented to Radio Liberty on the pull.

"In June, Lukashenko's electoral rating returned to its level, which was reached a year ago, that is, to the level of readiness to vote for president in terms of the stability in the active phase of the crisis," the sociologists note.