Updated at 23:17,14-04-2021

Doctors lie under police pressure


Activist Andrei Mouchan, who was brutally beaten by police, is at emergency hospital.

"The attending doctor told me I had had all my fractures before. I replied I had never had a jaw fracture. He said he did not know anything", Mouchan told Radio Liberty.

"I asked if they were going to discharge me from hospital and when it would happen. The doctor said I could be discharged even the next day. I still have headaches. It's nothing clear with my eye. It is swollen. An ophthalmologist checked it and prescribed drops, That's all", the beaten activist of European Belarus civil campaign says.

He says he received a phone call from police yesterday evening: “They asked where I was. I said I was at hospital. They answered they would come to me.”

He says policemen have not visited him.

On May 19, Mouchan raised a national white-red-white flag near Pershamaiski shop in Uruchcha city district to show his solidarity with Syarhei Kavalenka. He was detained and brutally beaten by police. According to preliminary medical examination, Andrei was diagnosed with a closed head injury, lower jaw and rib fractures, injuries from blows to kidneys and legs.