Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Minsk policemen broke the jaw of oppositionist

Activist of the civil campaign "European Belarus" Andrei Molchan, beaten by police in Minsk on May 19, is in a hospital.

As the representative of "European Belarus" Maxim Vinyarski told BelaPAN, Andrei has a broken jaw and brain injury, now he is inspected for damage of the spine. After doctors diagnose Molchan, the issue on calling the police in connection with the beating will be raised, Vinyarski added.

Andrei Molchan was detained by police on May 19 near the supermarket "Pervomaysky". In solidarity with the detained Vitebsk oppositionist Sergei Kavalenka, he unfolded the white-red-white flag.

"A few minutes later a car drove up to him with the policemen inside. Molchan tried to clarify for what reason he was detained, after that the police used brute force. While he was beaten on the street the second car approached. Molchan was put into the car, they put handcuffs on him", the press service of the campaign "European Belarus" informe
In the police department they reported, that in respect of Molchan they are going to initiate criminal proceedings under articles for insulting the president and the beating of a police officer. Andrei's sister was able to talk with him, and she learnt he was beaten after the arrest in the car.

Spokesman of the Minsk city executive committee Alexander Lastovsky, said he couldn't comment on the situation, since he had no information about what happened.