Updated at 14:13,24-01-2022

Sannikov jailed in prison in Sikorski Street


The Belarusian presidential candidate has been visited in the penal colony by his lawyer.

As charter97.org website is informed by the wife of the political prisoner, Iryna Khalip, Andrei Sannikov was placed into a solitary confinement cell after he arrived to the colony.

"The incarceration conditions of Andrei could be compared to a punishment cell or a secure lock-up. But he did not complain about the conditions. It is very hard for him certainly, but he stands firm. I can tell you the new address for letters: Sannikov A.O. Quarantine unit, IK-2, Sikorski Street, 1, Babrusjk, 213800, Belarus. He has been given a warm quilted jacket and a cold-weather cap since winter is coming. It is obvious that the authorities are expecting Andrei to stay behind the bars for a long time…," Iryna Khalip said.

The name of the street where Andrei Sannikov’s penal colony is situated is ironic: in an exclusive interview to charter97.org website Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski definitely stated that the European Union demands immediate release of all political prisoners and their exoneration. However, the presidential candidates continue languishing in dungeons.