Updated at 00:49,24-06-2021

Healthcare Ministry: Second Wave Of COVID-19 Already Hit Belarus


Healthcare Ministry: Second Wave Of COVID-19 Already Hit Belarus
Photo: Reuters
The Belarusian healthcare system is ready for the second wave of COVID-19. Head of the main department of healthcare organization at the Healthcare Ministry Alexander Patseev told reporters, Belarus 1 TV channel reports.

According to the Healthcare Ministry representative, the country has developed an algorithm for providing assistance to patients with coronavirus disease and clinical treatment protocols. The official noted that there were enough beds and ventilators in hospitals, they are provided with medicines, and employees – with personal protective equipment.

“Recently, we have seen an increase in the incidence of the disease. Now we can say that this is the second wave. We see a similar picture in other countries of Europe and the world,” Patseev said.

Recall that 401 cases of coronavirus disease have been registered in the country as of 4 October. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 80,696 cases were confirmed. 75,303 patients recovered and were discharged (+64 in the 24 hours), 862 people died (+5 in the 24 hours). Finance Minister Yuri Seliverstov said that the coronavirus cost Belarus “one billion”. However, he did not specify whether it was in dollars or rubles.

Earlier, epidemiologists projected that COVID-19 in the country could gain momentum from September. This is due to the fact that people returned to their usual life after vacations, went back to work in offices, children and students went to schools and other educational institutions.

Besides, the season for respiratory diseases in Belarus usually starts in autumn. Recommendations for Belarusians on social distancing, wearing protective masks, washing hands or using antiseptic, as well as staying at home and calling doctor at the first signs of acute viral respiratory infections are still in force.