Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

MFA official: EU, Ukraine trying to revive neo-Nazi ideology


Belarus' deputy foreign minister Valianstin Rybakou warns against racism revival in Europe at a conference in Minsk.

He made a speech at the conference dedicated to the commemoration of people who died and were buried near the former extermination camp Trostenets. The conference was held in Minsk Johannes Rau Centre on March 28, BelaPAN reports. Speaking about the creation of a memorial complex in Tostenets, the official noted that ‘such memorials should help learn from mistakes of the past’.

"We are sure that the European and world community will pay attention to the processes in some countries, including the EU member states, attempts to revive the neonazi ideology, create groupings and even political parties sticking to such radical and extremist views,” Rybakou said.

The same is happening in Ukraine, Rybakou said.