Updated at 17:58,28-05-2022

Anatol Lyabedzka: Blame the political botox

United Civil Party leader Anatol Lyabedzka found a strange metamorphosis among his comrades in the political struggles that have happened to them after the announcement of parliamentary elections in Belarus.

"Last year it was improper for decent people to speak publicly about participation in parliamentary elections in accordance with the authorities scenario. Only in a whisper. Only in off-stage. Face of the opposition was decisive and courageous. Tough rhetoric and richly spiced up with moral and ethical categories.

Just before the election campaign the face has changed. It winks at the government. Cunning is pouring from the eyes. Words rounded, blurred, and to read the last year's threats and assurances is practically impossible. So what happened? Where such metamorphoses come from? Blame the political botox"
, the politician wrote in his log on "Belarussian Partisan" web-site.