Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

The opposition goes to election commissions and observers

BelaPAN, translated by UDF.BY

Civil Campaign "For Fair Elections" is going to nominate in the parliamentary elections of 23 September one thousand representatives in election commissions, and two thousand observers.

This was announced by the campaign co-chairman, leader of the Left Party "A Just World" Sergei Kalyakin on June 20 at a press conference in Minsk, BelaPAN informs.

He noted, during the parliamentary elections other campaigns will monitor their implementation as well. "In the Internet will be the campaign to fix the violations, human rights activists will monitor the elections. But our goal is the campaign of active surveillance. We will not only fix the violations, but also try to influence the practice of holding elections", said Kalyakin.

The politician informed, the first test of conducting fair elections has been already failed by the state power. According to him, in March, in the House of Representatives and in the CEC proposals were sent, which implementation in the electoral law would allow to hold transparent elections. "These amendments were related to observers' rights, the vote counting. Unfortunately, the authorities refused our initiative", said Kalyakin.

The next test for the authorities, according to him, will be the formation of election commissions. "While we do not consider the state power as a direct opponent, as the opposition to our side. I agree with Lukashenko's statements about the need of direct civilian control over the elections. So today, we urge the authorities to cooperate in order to hold the elections transparently, and after their results not to assert claims to each other. Of course, the government may not include our representatives in the commissions. In this case, it will fail the second test", said the politician.

Kalyakin said, the campaign "For Fair Elections" at the national level will be attended by 13 political parties and public associations, and with the regions - 27 organizations.