Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Vladimir Eremenok disappeared after 7 days of arrest


The activist of the "Young Front" organization (Czech Republic), Vladimir Eremenok didn't come out from the pre-trial prison in Akrestsina street after 7-days of administrative arrest.

Eremenko had to be released at 16.10, already at 15 o'clock on Akrestsina his friends and human rights defenders have gathered, but they didn't meet Vladimir, the human rights defender Anastasiya Loyko told UDF.BY.

What has happened with the activist is not known yet. Human rights defenders suggests that he might been taken by car before the release outside Minsk, or arrested again by issuing a protocol for using obscene language, or other disorderly conduct, as it was before with Pavel Vinogradov and Mikhail Musski.

In this case, said Anastasia Loyko, it will be the third administrative penalty, since Eremenko has been under the preventive surveillance. In this case, the period of surveillance, which was originally set for 1 year may be extended.

We remind, in Akrestsina street the activist was visited by the KGB officer. According to the press service of the "Young Front", he threatened the Young Front activists, and in the end of the conversation he told Eremenko, he wouldn't be released from the arrest for a long time.