Updated at 18:49,15-10-2021

Poznyak: Special Forces want to destroy the Belarusian national immigration


Chairman of the CCP-BPF Zenon Poznyak commented on the statement of the retired Special Forces Colonel Vladimir Borodach on the creation of transitional government in exile.

According to Poznyak, Vladimir Borodach is honest and decent officer, however, subject to the influence of "certain progressive thinking".

"These issues were prepared for a long time by Hans Georg Wieck, and by those who are with him", said the leader of CCP-BPF in an interview with Radio Liberty. "This is the same tactic that Vick pursued in the late 1990s - early 2000s in Belarus. Popular Front was split, negotiations with the regime then followed (which in principle can not be done in politics if the regime dictates the conditions and is strong). And as the result the pseudo opposition was created which exists to this day".

Now, this tactic is transferred abroad to destroy the Belarusian national emigration and to create the pseudo-national government, Pozniak said.

"And to gather around this "government" all the agents who are abandoned in the West and created various offices. To gather all this company, which is in Brussels, Warsaw, Vilnius, and in this way to make the pseudo-emigration", says the politician. "So, they will not succeed".

We remind, the former Special Forces colonel Vladimir Borodach and the former KGB major Annufriy Romanovich told, the Belarusian military officers and former law enforcement officers initiate the organizing committee on creation of the transitional government. Organization is being created by Belarusian emigrants, but its core, according to Vladimir Borodach, is in Belarus. The meeting of the committee was held a few days ago in Vilnius.