Updated at 18:53,10-09-2021

National Restoration Rada to present memorandum


Colonel Uladzimir Baradach reported that the Organizing committee of National Restoration Rada is almost formed. This committee is considered to be developed into Belarusian shadow government in exile.

According to Mr. Baradach, the meetings of the Organizing committee were held in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. 28 Belarusian political refugees —law enforcement bodies veterans, NGOs and political parties members —and few dozen activists from Belarus participated in the meetings. The head of the Committee is former KGB Major Anufryj Ramanovich.

"We’ve almost finished our memorandum which is to be presented this week. The memorandum is going to reflect our political, economical and social aims, our vision of independent Belarusian society and the ways of fighting the dictatorship", stated Mr. Baradach.

Mr. Baradach supposes the memorandum to shed the light over the Organizing committee creation. However, there are no talks around creation of the shadow government, stressed Mr. Baradach.

"Shadow government would be reasonable right after the presidential elections if it had encompassed opposition candidates. They could have tried to solve opposition’s problems, to unite it. However, it became obvious they are not ready to oppose the regime. They chose to coexist with it", said Mr. Baradach.