Updated at 18:49,15-10-2021

Borodach: Explosions were organized by special services of Viktor Lukashenko


Former commander of special forces brigade, the retired colonel Vladimir Borodach draws parallels between the terrorist attacks, which took place in Belarus this year and in 2008.

The interviewee reminds, that explosion during celebration of the official Independence Day in Minsk in 2008 was a reason for resignation of the State Secretary of the Security Council Viktor Sheiman. The case put an end to updating the staff of special services, which President Aleksandr Lukashenka made ​​for personal safety in order to avoid a nomenclatural revolution.

Just before the explosion, Borodach says, Viktor Sheiman was ordered to accompany a high-ranking guest, and than Aleksandr Lukashenka said, that the head of the Security Council didn't control the situation, as he was absent on the place of celebration.

Viktor Lukashenko, who rules the Belarusian special services today, prudently doesn't surround himself with strong competitors.

According to Borodach, results of an expert examination shows an involvement of Viktor Lukashenko's team in the explosion. That's why the court will make a decision based not on these data, but primarily on a testimony wrested from Konovalov and Kovalev, and on arguments of the prosecution.