Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Life of Andrei Sannikov in danger?


Human rights activist Pavel Levinau met with the chief of Vitsba-3 penal colony and tried to figure out why a lawyer had been denied access to Andrei Sannikov several times.

"The prison chief said, Andrei Sannikov had filed a complaint upon arrival in the colony that his life was in danger. That's why he was isolated from other inmates and requests were sent to colonies he had been before asking for a cause of the threat to his life. The prison chief added the inquiry may take up to 6 months and the lawyer was denied access to Sannikov due to his isolation", Pavel Levinau said.

Levinau noted by forbidding access of a lawyer to his client the prison authorities violate article 62 of the Constitution of Belarus on legal assistance at any time. It’s not clear why inquiry was an obstacle. Colonel Ahnistsikau avoided answering the question.

Presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov was sentenced to 5 years in ma medium security penal colony in May 2011.