Updated at 17:58,12-04-2021

Niaklajeu to be tried again


Uladzimir Niaklajeu to be tried again by the fairest court in the world, the Belarusian court. At this time, by the court of Leninsky district of Minsk, where the former presidential candidate must come on September 9.

- The notice of appointment states that I must come to court "for adjudging additional restrictions". They already have restricted me in everything as they could, but it turns out to be not enough. I do not know what and how they are going to limit me further, but if they are talking about coming back under house arrest, then let they take me at once from the fairest court to the most humane prison. I will never agree again to the armed people managing in my house, to taking into custody not only me but my wife also.

I haven't admitted and won't admit my guilt, I had committed no crime, I was condemned illegally and it gives the moral right to feel as a free man. After all I can use this moral right not to serve "the adjudged restrictions". Non of them, and not only additional.

This state power, which nearly killed me, it made of me also a criminal: judged me for nothing, tried to finish in prison, disbarred the lawyer defending me... After all these, there is no way to perform a law-abiding citizen in face of this power...