Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

Court closes case against Belarus blogger

Aleksey Karpeka, Euroradio

Court closes case against Belarus blogger
Photo: tut.by
Homiel-based blogger Maxim Filipovich on Friday appeared in court accused in an administrative procceeding of "substituting a state-run media outlet" [with his Youtube blog], including the function to shape public opinion among citizens of the Republic of Belarus." Expert Pavel Barysau from the regional administration said during the hearing that Filipovich's video channel titled "No Guarantees" on Youtube could not be treated as a media outlet; moreover, registration of a Youtube channel is not envisaged by Belarus laws. The Homiel court closed the case against the blogger for lack of corpus delicti.

"It was a surprise when the expert took my side. I could see that even the judge was surprised when the expert said Filipovich could not be regarded as a media outlet. You could see how the judge changed his expression.

The plaintiff presented no witnesses. I filed a motion requesting to summon the police officer who drew the report against me but the judge rejected it. I wanted so much to hear him explain why he interpretes the law in his way and not as required by the Constitution and backed by experts," Maxim told Euroradio.