Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

Belarus planning to hold Сongress of parasites


It will be held in support of the applicant from the "Green" party Yury Shulgan.

A Congress of parasites may be held in Belarus in a month. The "Green" party is planning to hold it in support of their candidate Yury Shulgan, BelaPAN reports with reference to the party activist Paval Kanavalchyk.

"We call on all honest parasites to take part in it, to give a vote of confidence to our presidential candidate Yury Shulgan," said Mr Kanavalchyk.

Yury Shulgan has been out of work since 2000. He decided to put forward his candidature as Presidential candidate following the adoption of the famous "Decree on parasites."

According to Kanavalchyk, who led the campaign headquarters of Shulgan, his election program only has a provision about the revocation of the decree on parasites.

Chairman of the 'Green" party, Aleh Novikau, said that the decree on parasites affects a large number of Belarusians. "It is about 500 thousand people, an army, potentially ready to support our candidate," said Mr Novikau.