Updated at 13:44,25-10-2021

Belarusian Party of Greens may nominate its own presidential contender


The Belarusian Party of the Greens (BPG) will probably participate in next year’s presidential election and may even nominate its own contender, BPG Deputy Chairman Dzmitry Kuchuk told BelaPAN.

With the party’s activists still discussing the strategy of its possible participation in the presidential campaign, it would be premature to say anything specific at present, Mr. Kuchuk said, adding that a final decision would probably be made in March.

According to Mr. Kuchuk, the Belarusian Party of the Greens does not participate in the ongoing talks on the nomination of a single contender to represent opposition forces in the election and believes that opposition organizations should not be “preoccupied” with them. “Voters should have someone to choose from,” he explained. “In fact, the strongest candidate may be picked as a result of consultations at the end of the presidential race.”

It is not impossible that the Belarusian Party of the Greens will treat the presidential poll as a preparatory stage for the next parliamentary elections, Mr. Kuchuk said. “We understand that it’s very difficult to win the presidential election today,” he said. “To us, the House of Representatives elections are also important. We want to field as many contenders as possible.”