Updated at 13:17,17-05-2021

Lukashenka: One person with computer more dangerous than 10 with guns


The Belarusian President has made a statement about internet.

Today Lukashenka delivered a speech at the solemn meeting held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the country's liberation from the Nazi invaders.

“By our nature, we, Belarusians, are calm, peace-loving, tolerant people, and we are not swift to take offence. But any attempts to coerce and intimidate us are futile, useless and counterproductive,” underlined the Belarusian leader.

As noted by Lukashenka, in the modern information age, the age of the Internet and telecommunications, high technologies are, unfortunately, often used to the detriment of humanity.

“More and more often we hear about information warfare and cybercrime. One person with a computer can sometimes be more dangerous than ten men with guns. One click can inflict more damage than a unit of men armed to the teeth,” the president said.

“Truthful information about our country, frank and open dialogue will neutralize any attempts to draw Belarus into an information war,” Lukashenka stressed.