Updated at 14:13,24-01-2022

Voice of America: EU should limit cooperation with Belaruskaliy

Voice of America

According to David Kramer, Freedom House Head, Minsk might release the political prisoners in case the West introduced economic sanctions against national champions, Belaruskaliy in particular.

"The European Union should also review its trade relations with Belarus as a whole, because the increase in the volume of trade undermines the effects of the sanctions imposed by the EU itself. Speaking about sanctions, the European Union has performed an excellent job, but the trade with Belarus, which means with Lukashenka, harms the effectiveness of the measures taken.

The continuing support of civil society is a merit of the USA and EU. However the European Union should not show that it wants relations with Lukashneka more than [Lukashenka] wants to communicate with the West. I am concerned that this is what will happen in the Eastern Partnership summit,"
the Head of Freedom House said.