Updated at 19:06,19-01-2022

David Kramer: Europe should stop backing Lukashenka

Voice of America

Goods turnover between the EU and Belarus grows and the money is spent to back the Belarus President.

The president of Freedom House thinks sanctions are the main mechanism to influence the Belarusian authorities, Voice of America reports.

The Freedom House president thinks the international community, at least the EU and the USA, should continue their tough position. Though some people in the West think the policy of sanctions failed, the reason for ineffectiveness of the sanctions was that Russia saved Alyaksandr Lukashenka with a loan of several billions in November 2011, David Kramer thinks. He says tough sanctions should be further applied and calls on European countries to review their policy with Belarus. The turnout increases and it means the money is spent on backing Lukashenka. Pressure is the only language Lukashenka understands, David Kramer says. He thinks the European Union and the United States will continue this policy and will further support the civil society and the opposition in Belarus, because it is important for receiving information from the country.

The president Freedom House thinks political repressions in Belarus has only increased since the crackdown on the rally of 30,000 people in Minsk in 2010.