Updated at 15:00,06-02-2023

Lukashenka tells EU how to help Belarus enhance economic independence


Lukashenka tells EU how to help Belarus enhance economic independence
Photo: president.gov.by
Aliaksandr Lukashenka suggested how the European Union could ennhance economic independence of Belarus when on November 21 he met in Minsk a delegation from the Council of the Europen Union.

"The abolition of trade restrictions to ensure real access of Belarusian goods to the European Union's market could become a tangible input by the European Union in the enhancement of Belarus' economic independence," Lukashenka is quoted by BELTA as saying. He also hopes that Brussels will assist Minsk in building relations with the International Monetary Fund, in raising Belarus' position in the OECD credit rankings and intensifying negotiations about Belarus accession to the World Trade Organization.

The Belarus leader reminded the EU officials that when the European Union introduced economic and other sanctions against the country, Minsk did not retaliate proportionally. "We always supported you with regard to your interests in Belarus and the eastward direction," Aliaksandr Lukashenka said. He hopes today's visit of a European Union delegation will foster a remarkable improvement of the dialogue between Belarus and EU.

The head of the EU delegation, chairman of the Policy and Security Committee at the Council of the European Union Walter Stevens welcomed during the meeting the positive trends in the development of relations between EU and Belarus. "We are true neighbors. Belarus borders with three EU member states while you are an important member of Eastern Partnership. We would like to continue further our relations with Belarus," Walter Stevens said.

According to him, EU countries want to open a new chapter in relations with Belarus.