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'The fate of the country was at stake': Belarus admits to 'excessive' force but stands by response
04 май 2021, 13:21 | English / Foreign media

The Belarusian foreign minister defended his government's anti-protest actions in an interview with Euronews. read more

Belarus was given boot from Eurovision over ‘no dissent’ songs
04 май 2021, 12:31 | English / Foreign media

Decision taken despite the risk of politicising music competition, head of European Broadcasting Union says. read more

Belarus disqualified from Eurovision over anti-protest song
12 апрель 2021, 16:10 | English / Foreign media

Galasy ZMesta song sparks backlash from opposition figures, who have faced a violent crackdown during demonstrations. read more

Eurovision blocks Belarus entry from pro-Lukashenko band
20 март 2021, 23:36 | English / Foreign media

The song, I’ll Teach You by the vocal regime supporters Galasy ZMesta, appears to mock protesters read more

Belarus jails two journalists who covered Lukashenko protest
24 февраль 2021, 14:48 | English / Foreign media

Two journalists in Belarus have been convicted of violating public order and sentenced to two years in prison after they covered a protest against the authoritarian president, Alexander Lukashenko. read more

Lukashenka Lashes Out, Offers Little Compromise During Congress Of Loyalists Dubbed 'Meeting Of The Illegitimate'
15 февраль 2021, 23:10 | English / Foreign media

Alyaksandr Lukashenka struck a largely combative, uncompromising tone as he addressed nearly 3,000 loyalists gathered in Minsk for what had been billed as a two-day congress representing all of Belarus. read more

Swedish embassy in Minsk harbours two Belarusians for five months
15 февраль 2021, 23:03 | English / Foreign media

Father and son sought refuge after protests but are becoming a diplomatic issue for Sweden read more

Lukashenko plans 'people's assembly' but Belarus reform unlikely
15 февраль 2021, 23:00 | English / Foreign media

President who won rigged election last August has backing of Putin and has resumed attacks on dissent read more

The Guardian view on global protests: passing it on
15 февраль 2021, 22:58 | English / Foreign media

From Hong Kong to Myanmar and Belarus, the tactics and ethos of activists are transmitted at lightning speed read more

Belarus charges independent journalists with tax evasion
05 январь 2021, 18:44 | English / Foreign media

Four independent journalists who have been critical of President Alexander Lukashenko face seven years in prison on charges of "large-scale tax evasion. read more

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