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Lukashenko plans 'people's assembly' but Belarus reform unlikely
15 февраль 2021, 23:00 | English / Foreign media

President who won rigged election last August has backing of Putin and has resumed attacks on dissent read more

The Guardian view on global protests: passing it on
15 февраль 2021, 22:58 | English / Foreign media

From Hong Kong to Myanmar and Belarus, the tactics and ethos of activists are transmitted at lightning speed read more

Belarus charges independent journalists with tax evasion
05 январь 2021, 18:44 | English / Foreign media

Four independent journalists who have been critical of President Alexander Lukashenko face seven years in prison on charges of "large-scale tax evasion. read more

Chernobyl fears resurface as river dredging begins in exclusion zone
24 декабрь 2020, 23:56 | English / Foreign media

Scientists warn of threat of nuclear contamination from work on giant E40 waterway linking Baltic to the Black Sea read more

Public Relations and Realities of the Belarusian Crisis
19 декабрь 2020, 23:12 | English / Foreign media

Popular narrative tropes are not always accurate predictors of how a story will ultimately develop. read more

Can the EU resolve Belarus conundrum?
17 декабрь 2020, 15:36 | English / Foreign media

A four-month stand-off between Belaru­sian strong­man Alexan­der Lukashenko and the pro-demo­c­ra­tic pro­test­ers posed a serious chal­lenge for the EU. read more

Belarus: thousands protest against death of teacher in police custody
19 ноябрь 2020, 20:08 | English / Foreign media

Roman Bondarenko, 31, died after being beaten by plainclothes police officers in Minsk read more

UK expels Belarus diplomats in tit-for-tat move
13 ноябрь 2020, 14:40 | English / Foreign media

Foreign Office retaliates after expulsion of British diplomats following protests in Minsk read more

Belarus tells banks to seize money raised to help out protesters
13 ноябрь 2020, 14:35 | English / Foreign media

Money frozen in accounts of people who were hoping to use it for treatment or to pay fines read more

'Nobody can block it': how the Telegram app fuels global protest
10 ноябрь 2020, 14:44 | English / Foreign media

The controversial messaging app has moved huge crowds on the streets of Belarus. But who is its secretive puppet master? read more

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