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After opening the monument, a victim of the bombings was kidnapped by unknown - photos


Elena Lebedinskaya, who suffered in the terrorist attack on the opening day of the monument dedicated to those dead in the terrorist attack was no really mentioned by someone on "Oktiabrskaya" metro station on 11 April this year. She came there not only with flowers, which she would like to lay to the dead, but also with the poster "The government refused to help".

According to witnesses, a member of Minsk city executive committee about a minute later pulled out her poster, and she was left in the crowd.

Today, Elena Lebedinskaya addressed TUT.BY and said when she returned home, she was grabbed by two unknown, hit her, pushed into a van and taken to the police. What she is accused of, she doesn't know.

According to Lebedinskaya, after the incident with the poster she laid flowers and went home by metro.

"On leaving the metro station "Sportivnaya" two unidentified men approached me and started pulling me to the van. I screamed "Help!", then they hit me pushing on the vehicle, and my forehead and knees were injured. Then they took away my cell phone", Elena said. "These two men refused to introduce themselves, they brought me to the Central police station where they asked me whether I brought a poster with a photograph, whether or not I have been taken it away. It seemed to me that the police themselves were puzzled why they brought me, and who to do with me".

According to Lebedinskaya, she was released her from the police station several hours later. "At 22:30 I was already at home, and called an ambulance." Doctors noted a hypertensive crisis, contusions of the head, offered to go to the hospital". The next day, Elena, in her words, addressed the Frunze district police department at a place of the accident, where she wrote a statement on the actions of the unknown.

"In the police department I was told to address the medicolegal investigation and on 13 April, I had it ", Elena said.

At the time of the explosion Elena, in her words, was on an escalator.

"I was there when the ceiling collapsed. Immediately I was taken to the hospital, examined, they offered me to stay in the hospital, but I wrote a refusal, agreed to be treated at home", Elena remembers the events of that tragic day. "In the morning of April 12 I received a call from the clinic, was told to come there immediately. I had a cough, fever, vomiting a few days with something black. I wrote an application to the commission for the payment of financial assistance to victims of the terrorist act to the Minsk city executive committee. For financial aid, as I was told, I must have a paper from the medicolegal investigation. However, the examination showed that I somehow have bronchitis. Nowhere even about a hypertensive crisis was not said, however I have never had it. I was not officially recognized as a victim, because I have no significant injuries".

After opening the monument, a victim of the bombings was kidnapped by unknown - photos

The victim reported that after the attack she has been on sick leave fro two weeks, and was buying drugs at her own expense. "Shortly before the terrorist attack my husband died. After I bought drugs for my own money, I really had nothing to buy a bread. I live from paycheck to paycheck, I work in a bus depot. The only thanks I can only express to my company for the fact they collected money for me", she said. "Then, in the Minsk City Executive Committee, and in The Prosecutor's Office they told me to bring the terrorists to an action. But where these terrorists are?"
"Act of terrorism - is a crime against the state, not against me personally, as Elena Lebedinskaya, so I requested from the state at least a financial aid for medicines and clothes, and got another injuries. For what? My poster just said that I asked for help from the state, and I always said they can't help me", Elena does not understand.

She also reported that from the Minsk city executive committee they brought her "a liter of sunflower oil, a kilo of sugar and a few oranges."

After opening the monument, a victim of the bombings was kidnapped by unknown - photos

Photos by mazurkevich.livejournal.com

"I do not understand: even if I did something wrong, when came with a poster. They could approach me, ask to remove the poster, to warn. But not in such a way! I was even more frightened than a year ago in the explosion. Worst thing that for a moment before my arrest, I called my daughter and said that after 10 minutes I will be home. Imagine the feeling of my relatives: a year ago after the attack, they could not reach me until 4:00.

After opening the monument, a victim of the bombings was kidnapped by unknown - photos

Photos by NN.BY

In the Central police station they refused to comment on the situation with the detention of Lebedinskaya, although acknowledged they know what is the case. The press service of the Minsk city executive committee reported that on a daily basis a few dozen people are detained for various reasons, and therefore "I can not help you clarify on that particular person." "I think she has already told you everything,", whether in jest, or earnest the press service of the police department told. In the Frunze district police department they promised to clarify whether there is the case of Lebedinskaya, but to contact the press-service one more time was impossible. According to a source in law enforcement agencies, Lebedinskaya was arrested for unauthorized picket. Whether she be punished for it, is still unknown.