Updated at 14:17,22-06-2022

Ambassadors of the EU and Poland are being expelled from Belarus


EU ambassadors to Belarus, Maira Mora, and Poland Leszek Sherepka today were summoned to Belarusian MFA, a diplomatic source told the agency "Interfax-Zapad".

"It's clear that it is caused by the sanctions and regular statements of Foreign Minister of Poland. It is possible that Western diplomats will be invited to go to their capitals for consultations", the source said.

Later this hypothesis was confirmed. On the site of Belarusian MFA there has appeared the official statement explaining the position of Minsk:

"The decision of the European Council tells that the EU continues to pursue the policy of overt pressure. We have repeatedly explained at all levels the futility of this policy in relations with the Republic of Belarus.

In response, the Belarusian side will close the entry to Belarus to those from the European Union, who contributed to the introduction of restrictive measures.

Permanent Representative of Belarus in the European Union and the Belarusian Ambassador to Poland, are summoned to Minsk for consultations.

Head of EU Delegation in the Republic of Belarus, Ambassador of Poland to Belarus are also suggested to go to their capitals for consultations to bring their leadership the firm position of the Belarusian side about the unacceptability of pressure and sanctions.

In case of further pressure on the Republic of Belarus other actions to protect our interests will be also adopted.

We hope, the officials of the EU and its member states realize the inferiority of the power path.

Proposal from Belarus to promote dialogue, interaction and collaboration with the European Union on the basis of equality and mutual respect remain in force".

On the eve, the Council of Foreign Ministers of the EU decided to extend by 21 names the list of Belarusian officials, which are subject to visa and financial sanctions. At this time in the "black list" are included judges and policemen who are accused of repression against the opposition and civil society representatives. It is planned that in March the EU Council will review the list of Belarusian enterprises and businesses, which may be sanctioned.

We remind, on February 20 while talking to a number of ambassadors of foreign countries, including European ones, after their presentation of credentials Lukashenko burst into the tirade about European sanctions against a number of officials and enterprises in Belarus: "Understand: these sanctions, which you are waving in front of our noses, we've been tolerating so far. But once you cross the red line, we will respond very harshly".

"If someone in Europe thinks, we are still can be "bowed" by some sort of sanctions, accusations, demands, then it is the road to nowhere", the president said. "Even if we remain alone, without Russia, China, without any other of our friends, then believe me, we will stand here to death, as once in 1941-1945, protecting you, protecting our independence and sovereignty", Lukashenko stressed. According to him, "this is not some kind of a bravura position". "We just want to be like you - freedom-loving, independent and responsible before our people", the president explained.