Updated at 14:03,27-06-2022

Head of EU's Representative Office came back to Belarus


Head of EU Delegation to Belarus Maira Mora arrived in Minsk.

"She has already returned and began her duties", an employee of the European Union's diplomatic mission told Radio Liberty.

We remind that in Belarus have already returned ambassadors of Sweden Stefan Eriksson, of Lithuania Edminas Bagdonas and of Poland Leszek Sherepka. On April 27 the head of diplomatic mission of Czech Republic Jiri Karas will arrive in Minsk. By the end of the week it is also expected the return of ambassadors of Germany Christoph Weil and of Estonia Jaak Lensmenta.

We remind, that in late February Belarusian authorities in response to the EU sanctions offered to go to their capitals for consultations Ambassador of Poland Leszek Sherepka and the head of the EU diplomatic mission Maira Mora. In a sign of solidarity other ambassadors of EU countries also left Belarus.

The return of European diplomats began after the release from prison the political prisoners Andrei Sannikov and Dmitry Bondarenko.