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Belarus keen to increase food export to Saudi Arabia
17 май 2021, 13:17 | English / Economy

Belarus is eager to increase supplies of food products to Saudi Arabia read more

Lukashenko: Farmers should have easy access to markets
17 май 2021, 13:13 | English / Economy

It is necessary to fix the way food markets operate and to ensure access to them for farmers, Aleksandr Lukashenko said. read more

Ukraine resumes electricity import from Belarus
06 май 2021, 11:40 | English / Economy

Ukraine resumed electricity import from Belarus and Russia in January-February 2021. read more

Russian Oil Supplies To Belarus In May Will Decrease 2.2 Times
05 май 2021, 11:26 | English / Economy

Pipeline deliveries of oil from Russia to Belarus in May are planned at 608,000 tons. read more

Sales of Belarusian solvents to Ukraine increase dramatically
05 май 2021, 11:00 | English / Economy

The largest supplier also changed. read more

Prime Minister: U.S. Sanctions Didn’t Affect Supply Of Russian Oil To Belarusian Refineries
04 май 2021, 13:02 | English / Economy

Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko said in an interview with the Belarus 1 TV channel that the U.S. sanctions did not affect the supply of Russian oil to refineries in Mozyr and Novopolotsk. read more

Lukashenko: So-Called Dictatorship And Order Proved Its Efficiency In Agro-Industry
04 май 2021, 12:53 | English / Economy

The so-called dictatorship and order have shown their effectiveness in the agro-industy, Alexander Lukashenko believes. read more

Belarus Bans Import Of Skoda, NIVEA And Other Brands For “Unfriendly Actions Towards People”
26 апрель 2021, 13:55 | English / Economy

To ensure the protection of national interests, “taking into account unfriendly actions towards the Belarusian people”. read more

Belarusian tobacco contraband big problem for neighbors
19 апрель 2021, 12:33 | English / Economy

Lithuanians and Poles have sounded the alarm for months over smuggled Belarusian cigarettes brought by land, water, and even air into the European Union across Belarus' western border. read more

Nivea products banned for import and sales in Belarus
19 апрель 2021, 12:25 | English / Economy

The import and sales of certain goods of the Nivea brand are temporarily prohibited in Belarus. read more

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