Updated at 13:35,15-07-2024

Belarus suspends number of double-taxation avoidance agreements

Belarus suspends number of double-taxation avoidance agreements
Belarus has suspended the execution of a number of international agreements on avoiding double taxation from 1 June 2024 through 31 December 2026 with regard to the articles that regulate the taxation of dividends, income yield, and revenues from the alienation of property. The steps are stipulated by the Council of Ministers’ resolution No.164 of 7 March 2024, the Belarusian Tax and Duties Ministry told BelTA.

In particular, Belarus has suspended the execution of several provisions of the international agreements with the USA, France, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Czechia, Germany, UK, and some other ones. A total of 27 countries are on the list.

The decision has been prompted by Western sanctions. The duration of this reciprocal measure can be reduced if the circumstances that have prompted it are eliminated or upon proposals of the Tax and Duties Ministry.

The Tax and Duties Ministry website offers information about how provisions of resolution No.164 are to be applied to the taxation of dividends foreign organizations receive from sources in Belarus, to the filling in of tax declarations (calculations) concerning the tax on income in the form of dividends, income from debt obligations, from alienation of property, including income from alienation of shares (stakes) in the charter capital (stock) of Belarusian organizations as well as to offsetting in Belarus the amounts of taxes paid (withheld) on income abroad.