Updated at 14:17,22-06-2022

Ecomedservice trial – anaesthetist describes reasons for Kubarava’s death


Ex- anaesthetist Alyaksandr Shurau has been interrogated in court today.

There could be several reasons for the complications that resulted in Yuliya Kubarava’s death, he thinks.

The first reason is oxygen starvation of the brain caused by the malfunction of the volume ventilator, interfax.by reports. However, there were no clinical signs of brain edema, the doctor noted.

The other reason could be the girl’s reaction to medicines. “There can be many side effects and allergic reactions to local and general anesthesia drugs,” Shurau explained.

The girl’s mother told him after the operation that there were problems with recovering after anesthesia on her mother's side. However, the patient flatly refuted being allergic to the medicines before the surgery.