Updated at 14:03,08-08-2022

Vitebsk journalists receive letters with threats


Siarhei Serabro and Alena Stsiapanava received the same emails with threats.

The author named Yauheny Mishakou criticises the information politics of Radio Svaboda and BelaPAN and insults independent journalists. The author doesn't call certain names, but the letters give a clear picture of his intentions, Viasna human rights centre reports.

Independent journalists posted the letters on Facebook. Siarhei Serabro asked his colleagues whether they received something like that. Only two recipients have been found so far.

Alena Stsiapanava says about the letter:

Alena Stsiapanava: The signature seems to be fake. The account was probably registered just for this occasion. I asked Yauheny Mishakau if it was a mistake, but he didn't reply. In his letter, he tries to make ironic remarks about journalists criticising the Belarusian reality. He says their texts are biased, they fufil 'orders' and try to gain cheap popularity and make their name in journalism. He says 'wordsmiths' act immorally when looking for scandals for money and fame. Yauheny Mishakou writes that we, local journalists, do not cover such themes as relations between Belarus and Venezuela and visits of heads of state. But we are local journalists writing about local events. The letter ends with threats that our tongue can bring us to prison.