Updated at 13:19,16-08-2022

Anti-terrorism concept adopted by Belarus government


The document describes the main terrorism trends as well as the internal and external sources of terror threat.

"The concept aims to provide ways of terrorism prevention and creation of a legal framework terrorism fighting," Interfax-West quotes the decree.

According to the concept, the geographical position of Belarus is the main external source of the terrorist threat. Criminal organizations and groups regard Belarus as "a transit corridor". The increasing number of migrants coming to or passing via Belarus is also a threat as there may be terrorists among them.

"Objects posing a potential threat to the environment" may also be a source of terrorism, the document says.

Internal sources of the terrorism threat are: "distribution of the terroristic ideology, separatism, national, racial and religious hostility, illegal activities of organizations, groups and people promoting the mentioned ideology and existence of destructive and pseudo-religious cults."

The government also considers "the weakening of patriotism and loss of traditional moral values among the youth due to the lack of development of the civil society, destructive information influence and social segregation trends" a potential threat.