Updated at 13:53,16-05-2022

Lukashenka’s harem


Rumors about Lukashenka’s huge passion for very young beauties has been around since the beginning of 2000-s.

It is not a secret that many Belarusian models and singers have been guests of the dictator neither for the ruler’s entourage, nor for the so-called Minsk’s party establishment.

Officialy Lukashenka is allegedly married to Halina Lukashenka (Zhauniarovich). However he never showed up in public with her and his son Mikalaj, whose mother is Iryna Abelskaja according to unofficial information, has become his main companion.

In recent years Lukashenka with no special constraint showed up in public accompanied with very young girls. Euroradio managed to make a short interview with one of them – 22-year old Marta Holubieva. Journalists of the radio station call her "Lukashenka’s escort": the girl has been near the ruler since 2008.

Lukashenka’s harem

For the first time she appeared with Lukashenka in front of TV cameras oon 3 July 2008 at the celebrations of the Day of the Republic not far from the Minsk Hero-city memorial in several minutes before the explosion, which caused the injuries of 54 people. The girl was not even 18 at the moment. Before that Marta had been known as a soloist of Vasil Rainchyk’s ensemble Verasy.

For the latest time the cute brunette showed up at the opening of Kupala’s theatre on 29 March (Marta Holubieva played the main character in the Paulinka performance).

Marta refused to tell how she became Lukashenka’s escort.

Lukashenka’s harem

Lately Marta Holubieva has played in four Russian movies and TV series. She has also started a singer’s career. The girl has several music videos, she sings in Russian.