Updated at 13:33,29-11-2021

Designer Varlamov: They shut my mouth during interrogations


The trial against the famous Belarusian fashion designer Alexander Varlamov continued in Minsk's Leninski district court.

Questioning Alexander Varlamov was resumed on the third day of the court proceedings.

Varlamov said about the work of his modelling agency. He spoke in a loud voice and looked vigorous. The state prosecutor asked additional questions. Varlamov said how his was founded in 1999, Euroradio reports.

The state prosecutor asked about trips of the agency. Varlamov described the first visit to Berlin, Germany.

"We had a small travel allowance. I managed to arrange on partially free accommodation and meals. We then have trips every year. I cannot remember when exactly, because I have been behind bars for a long time," Varlamov said.

"I needed to go to Europe in 2006 and find a venue for a show. I had great financial problems. I went to the BSU chief accountant, because I had nothing to pay for my shows in Europe. I needed sound and lighting equipment. I was told in the Ministry of Education: 'We will give you money, but we don't care how you spend it," the designer said.

People in the courtroom nodded their heads as their listened to Varlamov.

Varlamov stood up and leaned on his crutch. He looked excited and emotional when he spoke about the trips.

The designer said how interrogations had been held:

"I was not allowed to talk. They shut my mouth when I tried to say something during interrogations. They said they didn't ask me about that. But I had the right to write something in addition during the next interrogation."

He had 32 interrogations during the preliminary investigation.