Updated at 13:33,29-11-2021

Ex-officials amnestied


The amnesty-2012 has also affected hackers, entrepreneurs and people who abused power

However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has refused to tell the names of amnestied people. They cannot specify what crimes were committed by the amnestied either.

"We do not have the right to publish information about citizens. Only relatives can send such requests. It cannot be done in any other way," head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kanstantsin Shalkevich told Euroradio.

They can only present statistical information - how many people have been amnestied or how many of them were imprisoned for embezzlement caused by power abuse. But they cannot say more.

According to the Penal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the possibility of an amnesty was considered for 14593 convicts. 2800 have been fully amnestied and 5562 have had their terms shortened by 12 months. 6230 people have been refused amnesty.

In general, amnesty can affect people imprisoned for power abuse, embezzlement, misappropriation and hacking that resulted in a theft. However, they must have served at least a quarter of their term and compensated for all the losses caused by their crime.