Updated at 00:33,05-08-2021

Dashkevich leaves Vitebsk detention facility?


Anastasia Palazhanka, the fiancee of Young Front leader Zmitser Dashkevich, told the website charter97.org, a lawyer was not allowed to see Dashkevich, who had probably left the detention facility in Vitebsk.

"The lawyer was denied access to Dashkevich on September 12, because detention facility No. 2 in Vitebsk didn't have documents confirming that court decision came into force. The judge of the court in Hlybokae told us the court had sent the notice to the jail on September 12. Such letters are usually delivered on the second day. But two days later, on September 14, the lawyer was denied access for the same reason. We contacted the judge and she phoned the detention facility to learn if the notice had been received. The jail administration said they had the notice," Anastasia Palazhanka said.

"We don't know the real reasons why the lawyer cannot see Zmitser. They are playing safe. It's another dirty trick of the jail administration. We already met the situation when the lawyer was not allowed to see Zmitser at the time when provocations were organized against him. The lawyer was allowed to meet with him during the next 12 month, which means the treatment was normal. It's not a surprise for us, but it was strange that the judge called the detention facility to know what's going on there," political prisoner's fiancee said.

"They don't want the lawyer to see him and want to transfer Zmitser to a penal colony as soon as possible. He might have already left the detention facility," Young Front deputy head says.