Updated at 13:17,17-05-2021

Zmitser Dashkevich continues the hunger strike the fourth day


In the Gorki Colony № 9 (Mogilev region) Zmitser Dashkevich - the leader of the international organization Malady Front (Young Front) registered in the Czech Republic - is on hunger strike for the fourth day.

This was informed at the September 16 press conference by the deputy chairman of the Malady Front Anastasia Palazhanka, the bride of Dashkevich.

In her words, Dashkevich demands to provide him with normal conditions of detention in a penal colony prison. "At large, for someone his demands may seem ridiculous, but he asks basic things - to give back warm clothes and a bible. I totally understand him and see that he simply has no choice but to resolve the situation and to achieve the fulfillment of his requirements in such a radical way", said Palazhanka.

We remind, that about Dashkevich's hunger strike is became known after his was visited by a lawyer in the colony on September 13.

Zmitser Dashkevich together with the activist of the Malady Front Eduard Lobov were detained in Minsk the day before the presidential election, on 18 December 2010. The detention of the opposition representatives was seen by human rights activists as a preventive measure of police before the elections. Young people were found guilty of beating two Minsk citizens. On March 24 Dashkevich was sentenced to two years of imprisonment in a penal colony. On September 10 Dashkevich was offered to write an appeal for pardon, but he refused.